Guest Artist/Performances 2013

Here you will find all of our upcoming & past guest for the year.  

Fusicology x DJCG Sat 09.28.13
special guest on SCR



Asya Shein (Fusicology) x Chicken George (Peddlin' / Jazztronica)

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Stro Elliot Sat 09.21.13
special guest on SCR


SCR Presents Stro Elliot.jpg

Stro Elliot (The Percussions)


Stro Elliot is a musical mixologist. As a child of military parents, he travelled the world amarinating in a record collection that spanned from jazz greats like Miles Davis, Stan Kenton, and Herbie Hancock, to funk/soul luminaries like Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, Quincy Jones and Prince. Studying trumpet, piano, and then drums, Stro became a skilled multi-instrumentalist, even as he began to explore the world of hip hop, drawn to the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, and Ice Cube.


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Lost Midas Sat 09.07.13
special guest on SCR


Lost Midas SCR.jpg




LOST MIDAS (Tru Thoughts)


With influences ranging from a lifelong love of pop melodies and the ‘80s New Wave through J. Dilla to The Mahavishnu Orchestra, LA based producer and multi-instrumentalist Lost Midas treads an aesthetic turf somewhere between Neon Indian and Bibio; irresistible and enduring ditties peeped through a shifting shroud of striking textures and idiosyncratic beats.


Lost Midas is the alter ego of Boston born Jason Trikakis, who first established himself as a hip hop drummer throughout his teens and into his ‘20s. As the anchor of popular hip hop and funk seven-piece the Press Project, which formed at university in New Hampshire, Trikakis had his first taste of full scale touring, including support for The Roots and backing for Slick Rick. A stint in indie rock band The Honors in the mid 2000s, along with various session work including for Nigerian vocalist Iyeoka, also widened his horizons.


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DJ Sureshot x Greg Belson Sat 08.24.13
special guest on SCR




The music producer they call ‘Sureshot’ is creating quite a buzz under his alias “The Sureshot Symphony”. His unique production style can be heard on “Bust Shots” Ghostface Killah / Inspectah Deck / Sheek Louch (The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack) and the psychadelic hip hop full length release “Elegant Aggression” (Nature Sounds label NY).  Both currently receiving critical acclaim, heavy radio play and charting on many top 10 lists. You may also recall his groundbreaking hip hop meets jazz project ‘The Sharpshooters’ that garnered global recognition and numerous releases on the: Ubiquity, Om, Light In The Attic, Shadow, Conception, Hed Kandi and Sony labels. His productions have been featured on: MTV, “The Wire”, “The Sopranos” and various TV commercials. A true beat digger and vinyl-only Disc Jockey, ‘Sureshots’ insane record collection is the source for 4 of the worlds rarest funk albums: ‘Betty Padgett’, ‘Turner Bros. Act 1’, Bernard Purdies’ ‘Lialeh’ S/T and ‘ Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy’ getting legally reissued. He is also the man behind the heavily sampled and even bootlegged ‘Status Breaks And Beats’ and ‘Soundbwoy Reggae Breaks And Beats’ 5 LP compilation series.



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Kyo Sakurai 08.10.13.JPG

Kyou Sakurai Sat 08.10.13
special guest on SCR




Hailing straight from Japan, the one they call the "One Man Human Beatbox" Kyo Sakurai will be our special guest live on Soul Circle Radio Sat. Aug. 10, 2013.  Join us and witness yourself why they call this cat one of illest human beatbox in the world!! 


Kyo Sakurai is a human beat boxer from Japan. His father is a jazz bassist, and his mother is a singer.  Kyo grew up around jazz music. In high school he started to get into hip hop and began DJing.  Now his music fuses a range of styles from hip hop, funk, latin, house, techno, jungle, a very free style. He works with domestic and foreign musicians, and several kinds of instruments.

He makes sound loops with kaos pad, and makes people dance!


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CohenBeats Sat 08.03.13
special guest on SCR


Cohen Beats 08.03.13.jpeg 2013-7-31-20:3:51



Michael Cohen (26) was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is one of Israel's most prominent Hip Hop producers and artists, known mostly for his group Cohen@Mushon, which have often been named as the Israeli Beastie Boys. Aside from rapping and producing with the group, Cohen has been making a name for himself as a solo artist, focusing mainly on production and DJing. in 2008 he has been chosen to represent Israel in the Redbull Music Academ to collaborate with upcoming musicians. After releasing his group's second album, Cohen moved to Los Angeles and connected with the local beat scene, a connection that brought him to play a set at the Boiler Room and the local staple Low End Theory. His latest release is "Milk & Honey Vol.1" a collection of instrumentals that were made sampling only Israeli vintage records, out on Raw Tapes records. 


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Nanna.B Sat 08.03.13
special guest on SCR


Nanna.B 08.03.13.jpeg



Back for a 2nd time, she will be performing live on Soul Circle Radio. Be sure to tune in live to catch this amazing artist from Denmark. Nanna.B is a rare bird on the Scandinavian music scene. With her unique voice, her artistic approach on music and her courage to stand out, she has a sound that's all her own. 


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DJ Dubs One Sat 07.27.13
special guest on SCR


DJ Dubs One 07.27.13.jpg



Hailing from the corners of the LBC, Dubs One handles platter like its domestic abuse. His influences range from the likes of Flash and Cash Money to Jazzy Jeff and DJ Aladdin. Dubs is also influenced by his crew and peers, which are too many to name. Dubs cuts like no other. Doggin the wax since the late 80s, Dubs has cultivated his craft for 23+ years, making it seem easy to do what he does. A prominent staple in the underground and club DJ scene, he has participated in several DJ competitions including the DMC, Guitar Center and Koolmix Battles. Dubs One has had the privilege of rocking with many artists and DJs at shows and clubs throughout California, the U.S. and Canada. Presently a member of the All-Deadly Turntable Addicts crew, he finds time to appear everywhere and anywhere he can with his tools of the trade. You can find official Dubs One mixes on Please check him out there and on these 12’/LP releases: The Community Service – ‘Don’t Snooze’, LMNO – ‘1888’, Sinful – ‘The Slyness’ feat. Ras Kass & Daz Dillinger (remixed by Discreet Merchants), Kimuki – ‘Remember’ feat. Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling (Japan Exclusive), LMNO & Kyo Itachi – ‘Born Again’ LP With many projects in the works, please believe that Dubs One is here for the long haul.


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The Handroidz Sat 07.20.13
special guest on SCR


The Handroidz.JPG



The Handroidz consist of brothers DJ IQ and DJ Konfusion. Originally started in 92’, the Handroidz founding members were Oligee, IQ, and Konfusion. Raised on Hip-hop, their love for the culture gave way to a dedicated and talented group of individuals: Oligee and IQ on production, all three on the cuts, as well as Konfusion and Oligee on the visual arts holding down the graff and creative art elements. The addition of MC Abnormal and producer/DJ One-3(now known as Computer
Jay), gave the Handroidz a lyrical element as well as another
production element.


The Handroidz gained rep by doing live shows throughout L.A. incorporating turntables, drum machines, a live drummer, a Fender Rhodes, and various analog synths. The first of it’s kind, the Handroidz gave birth to showcasing the fusion of Hip-Hop/turntablism combined with electro-funk instruments. In the DJ scene, IQ and Konfusion let their presence be felt by entering numerous DJ battles. In 2004, they released an album entitled, “Six Billion Dollar Hand” produced by Oligee, IQ, One-3, and additional production by up-and-coming producer Artik, younger brother of Oligee,
and continued to earn underground respect. Years later, the group slowly disbanded. Oligee moved on to join Ima Robot and pursue more production outlets(currently one half of the disco/funk/electro group Oliver), One-3 pursued a new identity as Computer Jay, and Abnormal pursued other projects.


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Zernell Gillie Sat 07.13.13
special guest on SCR



Zernell Gillie's style can range from the heart of disco to the soul of Chicago house music with a grimy twist. By taking rare disco classics and stripping them down and rebuilding them to a beating perfection it's no wonder why his imprint Grimy, has sold thousands of copies worldwide. His musical savvy and hard work pushing his sound and disco/house culture is definitely paying off. Being a headliner at some of the biggest parties from L.A. to New York and numerous top billed events over seas has put Zernell in high demand..  


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House Shoes Sat 07.06.13
special guest on SCR





Detroit Hip-Hop’s Ambassador to the World, Michael “House Shoes” Buchanan has been an integral part of the long burgeoning Motown resurgence. Just ask anyone coming out of Detroit to confirm this.


House Shoes, a resident DJ at the hip-hop staple St. Andrews Hall, Detroit MI, from 1994-2004 has had personal influence over a full generation of well respected emcees, producers, and then-future DJs. Four-time winner of the “Best Hip Hop DJ” in Detroit, he has used his platform to expose some of the best and brightest talent his city has had to offer. 


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Richard E Sat 06.15.13
special guest on SCR




Record collector, producer, dj and head of Further Out Recordings. The label grew out of the Further Out club night started in the late nineties with his music partner in Solar Apple Quarktette, Martin Christy. Building on the great eclectic London club scene of the mid-nineties and featuring guests from many different genres. In 2006 he co-promoted a reunion concert for the UK's greatest jazz fusion band, Ian Carr's Nucleus.

The label keeps a similarly open mind... there's been bossa, latin, soul, house, jazz, drum and breaks, future jazz exotica (Neptune Alpha Base Massive), and next is Richard's album with his wife, Annabel (lee) - a cinematic mix of jazz, folk and classical.

He's had several dj residencies, including at Guardian, and
Independent, newspapers "Bar Of the Year", Bar Camino, in King's Cross, and for 2 years was the in-house dj for London Design Week at the South Bank Centre and the Institute Of Contemporary Arts.  He relocated to Los Angeles two years ago so Annabel could be closer to her family and is digging the West Coast vibes!  Right now, releasing a series of re-edits on E-Type Records, working on remixes, a label comp, his solo album, the debut album from DJ Saturn and a club music album with Annabel.  More on Richard E

Rani D Sat 06.08.13
special guest on SCR


RANI D began his journey as a DJ through his love for Hip Hop.  As his music interests deepened, he naturally fell in love with soul, jazz, funk, and house.  After a series of visions and journeys, he found himself deeply obsessed with music from around the world, specifically the older, vintage, original recordings from Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and other extensions of the diaspora.  Since being enveloped into this niche, he's been digging and sharing these sounds ever since, and most of his sets today carry this essence at their core, and expand accordingly.


RANI held an esteemed residency in Los Angeles called SOUL IN THE PARK for almost four years programming live music and guest DJ's playing music spanning the roots and soul spectrum around the world.


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Frank Foreal Sat 06.01.13
special guest on SCR


FRANK FOREAL brings his audience to a new level of awareness with music from different points on the map, different time periods, and different genres. He wants his audience to relate to music they may not have been comfortable with initially. In this way, Frank provides an opportunity for his audience to be exposed to a new musical experience; he opens the door to new realms of music, inviting his listener to enter.


More on Frank Foreal 

Nikko Gray + J-Heart Sat 5.25.13
special guest on SCR


Nikko Gray =Venus is Aquarius...... Triangle Circle Triangle Square = LOVE IS


More on Nikko Gray 


J-Heart aka Jaeme Estera was inspired to spin records when she witnessed her father being an avid vinyl collector since youth.  It was Jazz to Rock and her cousins who later became disc jockeys as well spinning HipHop, R&B, and popular music at industry based Los Angeles radio stations that compelled her to work hard and save up her own money to purchase her own turntables, mixer, and whole dj set by age 19. Her vibration sound waves can carry you along no matter the genre of music. It always comes back to that love she felt as a youth and she hopes to radiate that vibe whether playing in her home for you, the radio station, local show, and/or abroad. You will definitely feel that extra vibe just as the B-Side to every old school mixtape, extra song on that cd, and B-Side to that wax album aka the dopest remixes that you will cherish, remember and love.


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Ladies of Kleur 

DJ Destroyer Sat 5.18.13
special guest on SCR


DJ/PRODUCER/REMIXER Aaron Paar AKA Destroyer was born in Nottingham, U.K. raised in Los Angeles, California and has been an active figure in the LA club and recording scene since the late 80′s. With a family music background as well as strong underground roots, Aaron continues to stay on the cutting edge of current Club/Hip Hop/Soul music cultures.

He cut his teeth in the early 90′s rave/loft scene in Los Angeles and is founder and resident DJ of one of LA’s signature Eclectic Soul nights, Strictly Social. Aaron held down until recently a 4 year weekly Saturday night residency called Fast Fwd at the now defunct Little Temple and has touched the turntables at just about every club or bar in Los Angeles as well as booking annual gigs in SF/OAK, NY, Las Vegas and San Diego. Destroyer also Produced and released 8  12'' records on his own Worldship Music imprint from 1995 to 2000 under his own name and other pseudonyms. Remixed tracks from artists MF DOOM, Terry Dexter, Dilated Peoples, Rogiers and more.

When DJing expect to hear Destroyer displaying many different genres in his soul driven sets geared for dancefloor's worldwide.

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Sweatson Klank aka Take Sat 5.11.13
special guest on SCR


Glimmering synths, expertly chopped samples, and brooding bass notes splayed across some of the sexiest, most soulful beats you’ve ever heard.. Such are the productions, the little playthings of Sweatson Klank. A maven in the celebrated electronic music industry in Los Angeles, Klank who is formerly known as TAKE has been a standout for years. Not only for his sonic concoctions, which blur the lines between hip-hop , electronic and futuristic R&B‚ between hard hitting tunes and tear jerking soul expeditions‚ but also his stunning live performances, which can sprint from tranquil ambient musings to full-blown, low-end exuberance in an instant.​

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DJ Mark Luv Sat 5.04.13
special guest on SCR


Hip hop has managed to confound its detractors as, after over two decades, it shows no signs of slowing down. Though there have been many icons who have emerged from the scene and achieved global status only to fade into obscurity, there are those who have garnered a loyal underground following, in addition to enjoying popular success, and have ensured their names live on within the hip-hop pantheon. One such hip-hop protagonist is Mark Luv, a turntable veteran of 29 years. Though only in his early 40s, the Los Angeles native has trounced all would-be contenders who have challenged him for supremacy on the decks.

The talented DJ has traveled the globe touring with the likes of the Pharcyde, KRS-One, Chino XL and Dred Scott, where he has consistently proved his mettle as an inventive, talented DJ.

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DJ Manwell Sat 4.27.13
special guest on SCR


DJ Manwell is well known for his high-energy presentation. Starting
with the foundation of Hip Hop, where he also mixes in a diverse blend of Funk, and Latin. He is the Champion of the 2012 Los Angeles DMC, and U.S. Finalist.

Manwell has performed professionally since the year 2000, and within that time, he has toured all across the U.S. He has performed at some of the top festivals, which include Lollapalooza, Vans’ Warped tour (resident DJ of Skull Candy headphone), and X-Game i Los Angeles. He has also performed throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Some of the artists Manwell had the pleasure of sharing the stage

with include: Common, Digable Planets, Lupe Fiasco, Mayor Hawthorne, RJD2, Blackalicious, Brother Ali, Ohmega Watts, and the 2010 Red Bull beat battle champ 14KT. He is also a member of the Hip Hop collective group “Deepspace 5”. He recently got off an extensive European tour with The Procussions. When Manwell is not traveling, he is constantly in the lab honing his skills as a DJ/Producer.

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Nanna B Sat 4.13.13
special guest on SCR


Elusive Sat 4.13.13
special guest on SCR


DJ Sun Sat 4.06.13
special guest on SCR


Freddie Joachim + Question Sat 4.06.13
special guest on SCR


Rippy Austin Sat 4.06.13
special guest on SCR


Trek Life Sat 03.23.13
special guest on SCR


Trek Life was born in South Central Los Angeles. This multi-talented artist spent his early years on 110th and Hoover with his parents, older brother, and sister. He caught the rhyme bug around the time that KDAY was the top HipHop station in L.A., battling his brother and sister to UTFO’S Roxanne, Roxanne. They would change the lyrics to bag on each other. His siblings eventually taught him how to write his own raps, and he began building his skills listening to the likes of Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, NWA, and Above The Law. More on Trek Life

Jansport J Sat 03.23.13
special guest on SCR


If you follow the world of alternative Hip-Hop music at all; chances are that you’ve heard of the name Jansport J by now. Given his name as a testament to his long-running habit of carrying his JanSport backpack everywhere he goes, it’s now not only the backpack that is sticking with him; having gathered a strong following of loyal fans and admirers. More on Jansport J

Shafiq Husayn Sat 03.09.13
special guest on SCR


Saturday, March 9, 2013, Soul Circle Radio presents Shafiq Husayn.  Shafiq Husayn grew up in Oakland, Watts, South Central, Texas and the South Bronx where he experienced Hip Hop in it's infancy, joined Zulu Nation and ran with pioneers Afrika Bambatta and Afrika Islam. He has contributed production to Ice-T's O.G. Original Gangster, worked with Donald D on his Let The Horns Blow record, King Tee on Tha Triflin Album and IV Life, and assisted Lord Finesse on his album The Return Of The Funky Man. More on Shafiq

DJ Seven57 Sat 03.02.13
live performance on SCR


Dj sEVen57 born in Virginia Beach, Va and musically bred on jazzy hip hop of the early 90's along with the creative minds of Virginia natives the Neptunes, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, and underground hip hop producer Nottz.  After spending 3 years in Japan, migrated to Los Angeles in early 2002 and joined the Soulpeople Movement shortly thereafter.  Ever since, DJ SEVEN57 has played with international artists like DJ Cam, Mark de-clive Lowe, Daz-i-kue, Big Bang, Ilhame from Paris, Tita Lima from Brazil, and numerous underground soul/hip hop artists in Los Angeles and across the US.  With a current residency at "JazzMoov" and "Art & Soul" in Los Angeles, Dj SEVEN57 continues to bring his international flavor to the masses on the west coast and abroad. Be on the lookout for his forthcoming mix cd "Drummerz Blvd" in the coming months...

Armchair Generals Sat 02.23.13
live performance on SCR


Founded in 2006, Armchair Generals are a rising musical trio from Long Beach, CA.

Combating narrow musical expectations with lush sounds capes; the AG’s boast soulful grooves, ambient rhythms, gripping vocals and chilled-out beats with three self-produced albums and our newest release titled “the Jet Sect”.  Armchair Generals are a fast-emerging indie favorite.

Armchair Generals, is waging a war for listeners’ attention by slowing down the tempo.  As eclectic as their names, (Osoosi 7, Bebo 6 and Oyani’ 9) the Armchair Generals are all over the musical landscape. Their sound has coherent R&B-flavored riffs, a soothing soulful balance of electronic beats, jazz-infused tempos and calming lyrics.

Seeing the Armchair Generals trio live evokes a natural energy. Their surprise special guests, who perform with the Generals, heighten the spontaneity of an AG musical spectacle.   DJ Danny V is a part of their live set; sampling and mixing on his MPC, which complement the AG electric/house/lounge sound.

So, relax, lay back in the plush reclining seats and listen, as the AG’s do what they do!

More on Armchair Generals

Andre Power Sat 02.23.13
guest dj on SCR


If one could modestly describe a man like Andre Power , the Co-founder of Future Sound Record Label, Soulection, in one word it would be versatile.

Having been born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Power eventually moved to Southern California where he has resided for the past five years. He first came here as a visual artist, actively conducting his own art shows throughout his apartment.

Over the course of time he has developed and sharpened many of his skills such as being a DJ, Painter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Director, Event Promoter/Curator and is heavily involved in southern California Arts and Culture. Mr. Power is also the Stylist & Co Founder of Vintage Renewal brand Punctilio Project.

DJ Sarasa Sat 02.16.13
guest dj on SCR


Born in Tokyo, raised in New York, and further schooled around Toronto, her DJ career first began in college in Canada, where she had her own Hip Hop radio show at her college radio station and was known as “Silverboombox”. After graduation, she landed a marketing job in the Film Department of avex Japan and worked on the Japanese launch and promotional campaign for both “Block Party” by Dave Chappelle and“RIZE” by David LaChappelle.

Soon after that, she made the decision to pursue a DJ career in Japan as DJ SARASA, her real name, instead of “Silverboombox” because it was too difficult for Japanese people to pronounce.

DJ SARASA was also the official DJ for Illa J (younger brother of the late J Dilla) in 2010 from his “Tribute to J Dilla” show in Japan. Furthermore, she has collaborated with Brownman, the trumpet player who replaced Donald Byrd in “Guru’s Jazzmatazz”, and was the DJ counterpart for his new project “DJ + HORN” that he created with DJ Cutler (DJ for Jeru the Damaja). DJ Premier also participated in this project prior to DJ SARASA.

As a producer, DJ SARASA has worked with Elzhi (Slum Village), Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan) and Masia One, and produced the music for Nike Europe’s Nike iD (Troupe) website.

More on DJ Sarasa

Glenn Red Sat 02.16.13
guest DJ set on SCR


In his serene and soft-spoken way, Glenn Red is quietly forging a loyal following among fans of eclectic music, steadily rocking crowds at the west coast's most respected venues. 

Spinning rhythmic patchworks of afro and Latin sounds, reggae, bhangra, hip-hop, soul and funk, his deejay sets stay close to music's organic roots, keeping warm, tangible sounds priorities within today's progressive dance floor culture.

With deejay residencies in both Santa Monica (AFRO FUNKĒ Thursdays @ Zanzibar) and East LA (ECLÉCTICA, 2nd Sundays @ Eastside Luv Wine Bar), Glenn's multi-faceted selections echo the deep, colorful and spirited energy of Los Angeles and its soulful people.

Adrian Younge Sat 02.09.13
guest DJ set on SCR


Adrian Younge is the next generation of soul music. A self-taught musician and recording engineer who has dedicated his life to the study of classic soul music, Younge finds himself at the center of a new soul renaissance with a vision for pushing the boundaries of the music itself.

The story begins in 1998 as the budding hip-hop producer found himself confined by the limitations of the MPC. He began teaching himself how to play various instruments so he could fully realize his vision. First it was keyboards, then drums, sax, guitar, and bass. Fascinated with the sounds of Italian soundtracks by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Younge begins work on the soundtrack to the fictional film Venice Dawn, recording the album intermittently over the course of the next year. What developed was a sound equal parts Morricone and Air. Self-released in 2000, the moody, synth-drenched album was entirely composed, arranged, played, and recorded by Younge. 

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