Guest Artist/Performances 2013

Here you will find all of our upcoming & past guest for the year.  

The Handroidz Sat 07.20.13
 live on SCR




The Handroidz consist of brothers DJ IQ and DJ Konfusion. Originally started in 92’, the Handroidz founding members were Oligee, IQ, and Konfusion. Raised on Hip-hop, their love for the culture gave way to a dedicated and talented group of individuals: Oligee and IQ on production, all three on the cuts, as well as Konfusion and Oligee on the visual arts holding down the graff and creative art elements. The addition of MC Abnormal and producer/DJ One-3(now known as Computer
Jay), gave the Handroidz a lyrical element as well as another
production element.


The Handroidz gained rep by doing live shows throughout L.A. incorporating turntables, drum machines, a live drummer, a Fender Rhodes, and various analog synths. The first of it’s kind, the Handroidz gave birth to showcasing the fusion of Hip-Hop/turntablism combined with electro-funk instruments. In the DJ scene, IQ and Konfusion let their presence be felt by entering numerous DJ battles. In 2004, they released an album entitled, “Six Billion Dollar Hand” produced by Oligee, IQ, One-3, and additional production by up-and-coming producer Artik, younger brother of Oligee, and continued to earn underground respect. Years later, the group slowly disbanded. Oligee moved on to join Ima Robot and pursue more production outlets(currently one half of the disco/funk/electro group Oliver), One-3 pursued a new identity as Computer Jay, and Abnormal pursued other projects. 


The core brothers IQ & Konfusion remained as
the Handroidz and expanded the family to be known as the HDfamTree which consists of IQ, Konfusion, Oligee, Artik, AJ, Prefyx, Abnormal, Computer Jay and The Lady Tigra. The Handroidz(IQ&Konfusion) remain active in the skratch DJ scene and hold a monthly event at The Blu Monkey in LA called Skratch Funktion Los Angeles dedicated to skratch DJs where they hold Q&A sessions, showcases, and party rockin. IQ & Konfusion continue to do skratch showcases and are currently working
on a HDfamtree album, break record, instrumental album, and a strictly Handroidz album devoted to cuts and beats.



The Handroidz