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Sat 01/20/18

Illa J + Frank Nitt Show 196

Show 196 features 2 of Detroit's finest, the one any only, Illa J x Frank Nitt aka Yancey Boys!  It was truly a pleasure sitting down with these cats and chopping it up on all things music. 10 years went by in a flash and it was then he released his debut album, The Yancey Boys and album comprised of all Dilla's beats which were released from the archives of Delicious Vinyl.  Over that 10 year period, Illa has dropped his sophomore album, Illa J, Sunset Blvd. with Frank as Yancey Boys and his 3rd solo installment, Home produced by Calvin Valentine.   Illa J also gave us a nice break down on his progression of his duel threat skill set in singing & rapping.   The two also revealed an extensive tour schedule which features them traveling for over a month across Europe.  We hope you enjoy this one! 


Featuring new music from: Moods, Children of Zeus, Soia, Gyvus, Space Captain, Soia, Kiefer, Mac Ayres + Many more 

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