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Soul Circle Radio Mix Series Vol.17
Kabuki (Frankfurt, Germany)

When I started working on this mix for SCR I decided to do in an old school mixtape style. So you won’t find any fast cuts and mixes, instead I’m letting the beats breathe and put the focus on short tasteful blends. I’ve compiled tracks by some of my favorite artists such as Dilla, Primo, Doom, Grap Luva, Mitsu, Dimlite and Fat Jon.  They are interspersed with Kabuki beats which are either hard to find, unreleased or dubplate specials. After I recorded the mix I hooked up the Moog and played some sound effects over the top.   I hope you’ll have as much fun listening to this mix as I had recording it!


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Mix Series Vol. 17 Playlist
01 Relaen - Electric Dreamscapes (Kabuki Remix)
02 Crustation - Purple (Jay Dilla Remix)
03 Kabuki - Home Run
04 Metal Fingers - Orris Root Powder
05 Kabuki - One Way or Another
06 DJ Premier - NYSOM #20
07 Weekend - Sonnenbrand (Kabuki Remix Instrumental)
08 Mitsu the Beats - Going Home
09 Dave Brubeck - The City is Crying (Kabuki Remix)
10 Dimlite - Sponsored by the Alphabet 
11 Gap Mangione x The National Gallery - Diana in the Autumn Wind (Kabuki Re-Fix)
12 Fat Jon - Muses
13 Kabuki - Over the Edge (One for David)
14 Grap Luva - Work it Out (Instrumental)

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released 3/1/17

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