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​On this episode, we were honored in having the world renowned soul brother, Byram Joseph aka Beatchild who dropped by to share his upcoming album! Brother B blessed us with a beautiful acoustic number. Be on the lookout for "Heavy Rockin Steady" which is releasing in the Fall off BBE Music!

Multi-award-winning performing producer Byram Joseph a.k.a Beatchild & The Slakadeliqs is back at it again with a brand new single “The Good Life”, giving his fans a taste, of what’s to comeLady Gaga guitarist Ricky Tillo lends The ‘Deliqs some of his rocking guitar flavor on the tune, giving this one instant classic status. Opting for a more organic approach to The Slakadeliqs second studio album, Byram is recording the majority of the full length project to 1” analog tape and playing the majority of the instruments too.

Featuring music from: Big Wave, Gabriel Garzon-Montano, J.A.M, Madison McFerrin, De La Soul, & More

Listen Here

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