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Bad Keys Drip originally started out as a recorded album by (Keyboardist) Erik Nava aka Egadz. Under that moniker, Erik released many self-composed and self-recorded albums prior to and during the "beat music" movement, while touring various countries with his MPC-driven live performance. The original Bad Keys Drip recordings were released in 2016 by Sole (part founder of Anticon), under the imprint Black Box Tapes. Soon after, Erik received an email from (Drummer) Michael Duffy, who was known for his contributions as a drummer in Ozomatli, Bitter:Sweet, and a Timbalero in Jungle Fire. Michael shared his interest in the heavy break beat sound, and began working with Erik on new projects as well as the new Bad Keys Drip live performance which is now a project called "The Heavy Twelves".

The Heavy Twelves move forward on a journey of the beat and focus on crafting an organic noise aesthetic which utilizes layers of dirty grooves, oscillating keyboards, overdriven amps, modulation and heavy tape delay.

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