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Soul Circle Radio Mix Series Vol.24 Gyvus (Louisiana, USA)

I've been producing music off and on for many years before deciding to take the

hobby seriously around 2014. My inspirations were mainly 90's Trip-hop/Downtempo artists like Zero 7 and Air and later Hip-hop producers like J Dilla and Nujabes. I had been sending tracks around for a few months before connecting with Chillhop in late 2014 and have been releasing my music with them ever since.

This mix has some Chillhop Records favorites from the past year or so along with some classic Downtempo and Lo-fi.Overall super chill and soulful, but picks up the pace in a couple of spots. Jazz vibes, soul, and Trip-hop are represented here as well, perfect for reflecting. Playlist: 01 Vanilla - Fuji

02 Birocratic - Sleepyface

03 Ninjoi. - Misty

04 TESK - Tell Me

05 Melodiesinfonie - Meditation on God

06 Zero 7 - One Arm Break

07 beatmachinearon - roses

08 leavv - home

09 Bonus Points - Late Nights Stroll

10 Axian - Seasons Change

11 saib. - Miss Me

12 Brock Berrigan - Fax Machine

13 fragile. w/ squid ethics

14 Melodiesinfonie - Lo Pop Fi(feat. Kyoundso) Released 2/1/18


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