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Sat 6/9/18

Lionmilk Show 206

For show 206, we had the sensational jazz pianist, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Moki Kawaguchi aka Lionmilk who released a marvelous beat tape back last month entitled "Depths of Madness" released from the good folks from Paxico Records. Lionmilk is Moki Kawaguchi: 24-year-old jazz pianist, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist. A native of Hollyweird, he takes after all its decaying glamour and peeling paints, contending with an aesthetic of deterioration. With his 3rd project DEPTHS OF MADNESS, he performs cathexis of his own crumbling mind, arranging sonic hallucinations, eviscerating time and dreaming through nimble keys, gleefully detached from waking life. Its narrative follows a quixotic maestro who wrestles with tangled feelings and bouts of longing. Dredges nightmares from the unknown and reaches toward infinities: the forever, the beyond, the blue. In the wake of chaos he also reminds us of all that he's lost in pursuing delirium to its ends. We find a soul caught between hope for recovery and the fear that it might never know a moment's repose. With a vastly eclectic musical vernacular he combines elements of oddball tropicalia, bossa jazz, blistering metal doom-scapes and melancholy stoner rock. Take the dive to reemerge in a heightened state of consciousness- this is a work that is euphoric, uncanny, intense and brilliant.

Listen Here

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